Asus A45V Laptop

A laptop not even coming to two months, selling reason: to settle heavy bank debt :oops:

intel i7 - 3630 QM, 2.45 GHz
nVidia GeForce GT 645M
RAM: 4 Gb
OS: Win 8
HDD: 750 Gb
Warranty: 24 months

I bought it for RM 2,899 from one of the computer shop in Bintang Plaza, opposithe the SenQ shop if the name is of that shop is correct.

What do you guys think the resell value is? RM 2,400?

No offence. I think it was quite expensive when you bought it. You can check the price for reference.

i bought the same model, its only rm1899


Asus A45V has many sub model and then at the back has like Asus A45VM-VX029V or Asus A45VS-VX028H and others so with different specs and prices also. But your graphic card is among the best i think. Sorry i also not expert in this stuffs. :slight_smile:

pricing differs on graphic card and the processor I supposed.