--Astro Promotion--

FREE Astro, only pay for Installation, please call YONG 016-577-5557.

Free forever?

:shock: free astro???

no, only free the decoder for you, monthly fee you have to pay. thank you. please help refer to your friends if you can.

only pay for the installation. installation is RM50 only.

please support or help me to refer. thank you

fighting for target


how much the instalation?

yes, please support, fighting for target. wish you can help

installation is RM80, but, can give you special discount, if you can call me on 25-7-09 and 26-7-09. because these two day got special offer.

Hey… which is which here?

If this is legitimate, why don’t you post up more information about this promotion rather than just hit and run with a line or two??

so can u give more more details for it? i mean installation fees we have to pay and decoder is free? how abt the satelite?

sorry to confuse. Normally is RM80. but, on 25-7-09 and 26-7-09 is special discount, only RM50.

Yes, decoder is FREE for you. Sorry, no satelite available.

i am a decoder and then antenna at outside…but i dont have the card…how much the price for the lowest package…

the lowers package is RM37.95. if divide 30 days, then only RM1.20++ per day. Then, you can enjoy AEC( astro Chinese program), Ntv7, Chanel 8, etc etc. With these program, you can have quite a good time to enjoy. try to call me or PM me, i let you know more.

does the package included free sattelite and decoder? (i mean full set of astro included?)

imsohandsome … yes…


1 got rm 100.

instalation + subcrition package… what astro package can u give me?

yes, free the out door unit and the decoder for you.

normally pay for the installation RM80 only. but, on 25-7-09 and 26-7-09 got promotion, installation only RM30.