Asteroid worth $195 billion will pass by Earth tomorrow

On February 15 an asteroid named “2012 DA14”, which is around the size of half a football field, will pass by Earth. It will zoom within a distance of about 17,200 miles (27,000 kilometers) from Earth, making it one of the closest approaches an asteroid has ever move past Earth, according to records from NASA. In fact, scientists warn that this space rock may come close enough to disrupt our TV and satellite communication systems for a while.

Asteroid worth $195 billion of resources, but we don’t have the technologies to catch it

Fear not though, it will not hit Earth, but we are not celebrating. Scientists at Deep Space Industries, a company whose business agenda revolves around trying to mine such bits and pieces of space junk, said the asteroid contains recoverable water worth $65 billion, and approximately one million tons of recoverable iron, nickel and other metals, that could worth an additional $130 billion - giving a grand total of $195 billion, equivalent to the GDP of Algeria.

It sounds like a gold mine, but it is virtually impossible for scientists to extract the valuable materials. Simple enough, our technologies isn’t quite there yet. “The lack of a rocket and spacecraft that could actually catch such an asteroid of course is a big problem. There are a few other major issues as well. The path of asteroid 2012 DA14 is tilted relative to Earth, requiring too much energy to chase it down for mining,” the company said in a statement.

Earth’s resources is depleting, we have to take our mining (and wars) to outer space

Still, the company intends not to allow future similar opportunities to simply fly past them. It is working on its technologies. “While this weeks visitor isnt going the right way for us to harvest it, there will be others that are, and we want to be ready when they arrive in future,” Deep Space Industries said.

While we can’t get our hands on them this time, it serves to illustrate the wealth of asteroid resources just waiting to be extracted and used, Deep Space officials said. Once we exhausted the mining resources on Earth, we will turn to the space, which seem to provide an unlimited amount of it. Deep Space Industries is one of the only two asteroid-mining firms that have revealed their existence and intentions. The other is Planetary Resources, which has financial backing from billionaires such as Google execs Larry Page and Eric Schmidt.
Scientists are trying hard to develop an effective way to catch asteroid

An object this large only passes this close to the Earth about once every 40 years, and likely to hit the planet once every 1,200 years. The last time an asteroid this size hit the Earth was in 1908. An object exploded in the sky in Siberia, creating an incident known as the Tunguska event. The impact was so intense (the equivalent of 185 atomic bombs) it destroyed eight hundred square miles of forest and uprooted more than 80 million trees.

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With a bit of luck it will hit us and they can mine it all they want…

You want the asteroid to hit us?

Then we will not able to mine it…we will become extinct like dinosaur.

You want the asteroid to hit us?
Then we will not able to mine it…we will become extinct like dinosaur.[/quote]
I saw a map of australia that says there is nothing in the middle of the continent.We could just land it in Australia and mine it at our leisure.

Better don’t let the people of Alice Springs hear what you said :lol:

i dont understand the math.

how come an area half the size of a football field gives $195 billion in water and minerals :?:

[quote=“mevotex”]Better don’t let the people of Alice Springs hear what you said :lol:[/quote]

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