Association members share rice dumplings to celebrate Dragon Boat festival

A wide variety of local rice dumplings shared at the gathering.

MIRI: Members of Miri Thai Poo Association Women Section shared homemade rice dumplings during a gathering to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival Sunday at the association’s multipurpose hall in Jalan Bulan Sabit.

According to the section’s supervisor Chin Chai Ping, the gathering was meaningful as it brought people together as a community to sample different variation of rice dumplings made specially by members.

“Legend has it that during times of war, rice wrapped in leaves were carried by soldiers. Lovingly made, the dumplings reminded the person eating of home.

“Now, in modern times, the local delicacy is still homemade, wrapped with a lot of love with a variety of fillings. Such gathering is important to bring people together and continue the tradition,” said Chin.

Tong shows a plate of the traditional Chinese delicacy.

Different types of rice dumplings were served during the event, including the popular mushroom with meat, pillow-shaped, red bean paste and plain rice dumpling (without any filling) among others.

The association’s chairman Tong Shih Yee who graced the event said “Practice is the way to master the skill of making rice dumpling.

“The younger generation is no longer interested in learning this traditional skill, as it is easier to buy. It is undeniable that the preparation of the fillings takes a lot of time and energy.

“However, if they do not bother to learn, the skill of making rice dumpling would be lost.

“Thus, I hope the younger generation would pick up the skill as part of our effort to pass down the tradition,” said Tong.