Assemblyman's home robbed...TWICE!


Assemblymans family robbed … again!

KUCHING: Samariang assemblyman Sharifah Hasidah Sayeed Aman Ghazali was horrified after her family was robbed by a group of armed men at their home in Jalan Indoor Stadium here for the second time in about two weeks.

This time, five parang-wielding robbers struck at about 3am on Sunday. The masked men tied up Sharifah Hasidah, her husband Sayeed Mohamad Hussein Wan Abdul Rahman and several other family members.

They escaped with some RM5,000 in cash, jewellery, watches and six handpones as policemen in a patrol car arrived after receiving a tip-off from a family member.

In the first robbery shortly after 8pm on March 27, the family lost about RM1,000 in cash, a laptop, several handphones and other valuables worth some RM30,000 to six armed men.

Sarawak Deputy Commissioner of Police SAC I Datuk Abdul Rahman Hussein, who was at the crime scene on Sunday, confirmed the armed robbery.

There were 13 people, including Sharifah Hasidah’s two sisters and their children, as well as two maids, in the house when the incident happened.

Police were investigating if Sunday’s robbery was committed by the same gang who robbed Sharifah Hasidah’s home two weeks ago.

SAC I Abdul Rahman said recently that police believed four gangs made up of locals and foreigners were responsible for the spate of robberies in the city of late.

Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam was the other VIP who fell victim to armed robbers recently. … sec=nation

Yes. He better be prepared for the worse…again!

YES…Malaysia police boleh !!!

C’mon Guys (Law Enforcement), you are moving TOO DAMN SLOWWW… .

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