Asam Curry Fish Head .... Come back Again!

Delicious Asam Curry Fish Head (Clay pot)…Hot & spicy…and sour also…come here to taste

At Kim Huang Cafe , Pujut 1, behind GK SuperMarket, call 016-8584238 or 0198866796 reservation / order. You also can bring along your seafood also.
last time at the stall inside the kopitiam nearby TELAN Usan Hotel … 0773933226

taste like in penang one?

Different… come over to taste and give feedback

GK at Pujut 1? How come I dun know owh???

the GK near sesco ka?not the GK at roundabout?

is there a branch of GK there? I tot close long ago

Talking about penang, if anyone wants nice Assam laksa or penang laksa…head over to Pelita’s Double Star…Serve really nice one. Better than LCCT

yes…behind GK supermarket near the sesco…call 0198866796 for reservation

Penang laksa in Miri? seriously? DO they have eko served with it? cos without the Eko sorry lah it’s just not penang laksa yet and trust me I AM from Penang. otherwise being in Miri, i noticed the only food to eat in Miri ( a joke between me and my friends) is Chicken rice and kolo mee! >.< lolx

Look delicious…I guarantee my Missus will love this… hahahaha… we’ll drop by sometime soon…