Arrest looms for Ambiga, opposition leaders

KL police have obtained a court order to prevent 91 individuals, including Ibrahim Ali and Khairy Jamaluddin, from setting foot in several parts of the city on July 9.

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Aiyah, they included “Idiot” Ibrahim and “Kotor” Khairy just to show that they are not biased mah, only targeting Ambiga and the oppositions mah… in fact they don;t even dare to touch the 2 of them lah.
At first they want to do street rally but then Najib offer to use stadium… they accept the offer and decided to use Stadium Merdeka… but still not even given a permit yet and the stupid police dogs are trying to stop them. Even Agong agreed to their principals and doesn’t even said that Bersih is illegal… if illegal, then Agong wouldn’t even meet Ambiga in the first place.
The BN Government are just too scared and knowing that they are really really DIRTY :twisted:

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