Armed robbers get away with rm20,000 cash and jewellery

Miri : Armed robbers - believed to be foreigners are having a field day. Their most recent victims were a couple from Taman Pelita, Miri. They were robbed by the group of criminals while inside their house last Tuesday.

The masked robbers, armed with two pistols, looted cash and jewellery worth about RM20,000 before using the victim’s vehicle to get away at about 7pm. The victim suffered slight injuries after being hit with a baseball bat while his wife and housemate were not disturbed.

He lodged police report on the incident after the robbers had fled the scene. Miri Police Chief, ACP Fauzi Saadi Diol, when contacted confirmed the incident. He believed the gang members comprised five or six Indonesians. However, no arrests were made and police are still tracking the robbers.

Taken from Borneo Post dated 3rd Aug 2006. 8)

Sad sad indeed.

Mayb its abt time 4 Mirians 2 get yr company service, Nigthwing… :wink:

Will try, but have to check with my mentor and partners.