Armed Indonesian Nationalists Block Road In Hunt for Malaysi

[size=150]Armed Indonesian Nationalists Block Road In Hunt for Malaysians[/size]

Dozens of people belonging to an anti-Malaysia group briefly attempted an intimidating road-block and ID check to identify Malaysians along a busy Central Jakarta street on Tuesday, but came up empty-handed. (edit: I’m sure if we did this in KL, we wont be coming up empty handed…)

The operation, initially planned for an hour, only lasted for thirty minutes, but witnesses said the action managed to raise tension as activists stopped drivers and asked for their IDs.

A road block was erected directly in front of the central post of the anti-Malaysia group, the Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat (Peoples Defense of Democracy) in the vacant former headquarters of a political party.

The sight of men carrying sharpened bamboo sticks was more than enough to raise concerns among those who were stopped.

The group also distributed small Indonesian flags and tied red and white scarves, the colors if the countrys flag, around their heads and at the ends of their makeshift weapons.

Police immediately closed off the segment of the road where the roadblock was erected and redirected traffic through Cikini, while dozens of police watched on guard from afar but took no apparent action.

Muchtar Bonaventura, who claimed to be the coordinator of the group, said the sweep was held to warn the Malaysian government not to act recklessly against Indonesian citizens and to stop claiming Indonesian culture as their own.

Although they did not find any Malaysian citizens, Muchtar vowed to continue similar actions and even expand the operation to seek offices and houses belonging to Malaysians. His group has been virulently anti-Malaysian, and had even opened registration for volunteers to wage war against the neighboring country.

wow…indon vs m’sia…hmm…

what seems to be their problem? i bet if the G is not firm+serious in tackling this issue, sooner or later these primitives would do anything to take over the country.

haiya…the G is not cold not hot 1…try if thr is “cha ching” involve…jump straight in i tell u…hahaha

we do the same want?
very annoying sometimes.

those indon nationalist just want to start a war…

there is a better way in solving this…a show down…since both country r good in badminton…why not let our datuk help defend our contry against their badminton hero?

akaiii…this is no joke bro…imagine if our fellowmen works there and being confronted at this ‘blockade’…worst thing could happen - they might lose their life. :expressionless:

If our malaysian lost their lives there by those ppl… they will be considered provoking for war!

i believe there were such cases but not being publicly published! :o

If we war… we waste money…(tax payers sure complaint one…) so i guess thats why the government dont want to take action unless they(indonesion nationalist) kills lots n lots of malaysians…

then US or wat other country can “campur tangan” liaw…then the leader of “BENDERA” will b punish for genocide against malaysian

Since we are commonwealth country surely… Britain will come n help i guess? and other commonwealth countries… hmm…

then US or wat other country can “campur tangan” liaw…then the leader of “BENDERA” will b punish for genocide against malaysian[/quote]

u sure about that? :stuck_out_tongue:

i believe not all indonesian support this kind of act.

these are some comments that can be found on some indonesians forum:

hahahah, hahah … tetangga kita smakin ketawa … tolol2 nih perkerjaan pemuda2 kita …

tamu, Wah, kalau begini caranya, kita jadi se-kampungan mereka dong… Aktifis Bendera, semoga lebih dibukakan matanya dan intelektualitasnya supaya bisa melawan dengan cara yang menunjukkan bahwa kita ini bangsa beradab.

TKI, wahai POLITISI yang memperalat orang-orang kurang kerjaan ini, tobatlah, mumpung masih bulan puasa… mending duit yang dipakai buat bayarin preman ini disedekahkan buat korban gempa… carilah cara memperoleh simpati rakjat dengan aksi yang baik, jangan ngajak perang demi nafsu anda… wahai POLISI, tangkepin aja tuh teroris tukang sweeping ini, yang meneror orang lain di jalan raya .

totol, dasar orang2 tolol yang ga punya otak!!! aksi nya tuh ntar nya malah ngejatuhin harkat martabat indonesia tercinta di mata internasional tau!!! TOLO

Luna, Hentikan sweeping !!! merendahkan bangsa sendiri, para tukang sweeping apa kalian tak punya otak dasar goblok. Kalau kalian main sweping maka tak ada touris yang mau datang ke Indonesia, karena Indonesia tak aman

yan-yan, halah… ampun deh ini orang-orang aneh. klo sweeping jangan di jalan. klo berani tuh sweeping di dalam hotel-hotel berbintang. hari gini sweeping… swiming aja deh.

HEBOY, Ini see ayam sayur,klo mo sweeping ke terminal ato pasar cari copet atawa preman itu lebih bermanfaat.Nasionalisme yg sempit ,malah membuat harga diri bangsa ini jadi tidak ada harganya sama sekali…Siapa sii Dalangnya!!

Yaya Bob, Konyol konyol…kalo ingin membela negara…lakukan lah dengan bekerja yang rajin…membayar pajak…menjaga kebersihan…dll…ini jaman modern bung…bukan jaman manusia Kera lagi…kalo kaya gini sih…malah bikin malu Indonesia…

p/s : the media of both country, especially the indonesian media should be more responsible in reporting such sensitive issues. we still can some indo tv are still repeating this accusation of the ads even though our government already denied involve on that ad.


Hopefully they get swallowed up by the next big earthquake that hits them.

hmmm… a war with another country might just unite the people like never before…

Until the military decides that the minorities should be 1st on the frontline infantry…

Until the military decides that the minorities should be 1st on the frontline infantry…[/quote]

Oh snap! :confused: