Area Boulevard Commercial Another Shooting Case?!

Apart from gun is easily available for thugs nowadays??!! Walao Eh!!

To see the picture click on this link. … 668&type=1

In front of the new laksa restaurant next to Dessert Master.

thanks for info miriboyz! hope there’s no body get hurt! LOLZ!!

From the picture, I can conclude that:

A person having his supper at the laksa restaurant and suddenly hitman come and shoot him. Coz can see the police yellow tape surrounding the restaurant.

Police searching for evidence perhaps???

believed to be from a shot-gun, at close range. maybe? xD

One restaurant shop at Boulevard Commercial Center around 8.55PM. Police searching for evidence perhaps???

any official sources of news?

Lucky no people injury in this case …

good news indeed… from semenanjung shoot shoot till miri… wth man… miri not even safe liaw


This katg lak food store rili soiiiii leh. Open not yet 3 months already ■■■■ happened.

I will look for CCTV across the shop which has the angle towards that area instead of searching don’t-know-whatever around the ground. Just saying.

another brave shooter. Salute. :!: make sure they kill all the idiots. :!:

Haha after investigate for about 1 or 2 month…case close…act like nothing happen… … -catapult/

@@ not shooting… marble catapult @@ maybe the some pissed off customer -.-

A marble can cause a hole in the window? and the marble dont even look shattered
i cannot brain this…