Are we ready for the floods?

SERIAN: Aside from the destruction of properties, villagers are fearful that the nearby swollen Batang Sadong has drawn out the much feared residents of the murky water crocodiles!

Peni Sanyut, of Kampung Hulu, said it worried her when words spread that crocodiles had been spotted roaming the area.

If the reptile is really present, its just terrifying because children are playing in the floodwater, she said when met at the village here yesterday.

Clarence Kenny Ripong, 29, a vegetable seller, claimed that he had spotted some crocodiles since the river burst its banks.

Meanwhile, he said the water level began rising at 5pm on Saturday. By then, the village was already under one foot of water.

Clarence pointed out that he was not aware of the fast rising water as he did not receive any early warning.

Deputy chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri George Chan yesterday appealed to parents not to let their children play in the flood waters.

He said the situation was critical and the strong current could cause casualties if precautions were not taken.


Bandar Seri Begawan - The Sultanate is experiencing wetter weather so far this year due to the “La Nina” effect, a weather forecaster said yesterday.

“In the last few days, we saw a cold air outbreak’ from continental Asia, notably China and Siberia, which affected the Sultanate which is currently experiencing a north-east monsoon,” he said.

The weather forecast for today (Jan 13) alone indicates rough seas with waves of two to three metres which remain dangerous to all marine activities. The risk of flash floods is predicted to persist in low-lying areas.

Cloudy and unsettled weather with more rain showers are expected throughout the period, especially over the Belait District. However the outlook at night will see partly cloudy and improving weather conditions.

Continuous rainfall has caused flooding along riverbanks and in low-lying areas. Business among fishmongers in Jerudong beach is also affected.

A retiree and regular customer, Dyg Hjh Jiyah, lamented that of late, there is less variety of fish available at Jerudong beach. She could only buy her favourite fish, “Kitang” and “Rumahan” yesterday.

Kuala Belait and Seria were at the receiving end of the wet weather over the weekend as schools were closed after some colleges and institutions were inundated by floodwaters.

Meanwhile, Bernama reported that northeasterly winds of up to 60 km per hour and rough seas with waves up to 5.5 metres high are expected to occur in the waters off Sabah and Sarawak until Wednesday, according to the Malaysian Meteorological Department.

It had issued a third category wind warning for the waters off Condore, Pahlawan, Reef North and Layang-Layang, Bunguran, Mukah, Bintulu, Miri, Labuan, Sabah Barat and Kudat. It said the wind and sea conditions would be dangerous for shipping, workers on oil rigs, ferry services, coastal activities and fishing. – Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin


Remaong,thank you for the timely updates.

Just got a SMS from my friend back in Kuching, she said her place is not flooding. Only the low ground village are.

City folk need not worry about flood threats any more

KUCHING: The floods have gone.

The city is all clear from flood threats, State Disaster Relief Committee chairman Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan announced around 4.30pm yesterday.

And true enough, even when the King Tide reached a record high of 10.9m at 7pm, it did not flood in the city centre.

Dr Chan also announced that the red stage weather pattern of continuous heavy rain and thunderstorm issued by the Meteorological Services Department a few days ago had been withdrawn, he said.

Therell be showers but the vortex (of rain clouds) is gone. We expect to have fine weather in the next few days, he told a press conference at the Flood Operations Room, Wisma Bapa Malaysia here.

Dr Chan said little rain on Jan 12 (11mm) and Jan 13 (two mm till 4pm) allowed flood water from upstream to be flushed out faster.

By 3pm, he said the Sarawak River Barrage gates were closed to prevent incoming tide from going upstream and causing the Sarawak River and its tributaries to swell.

If there is no barrage gates, it will definitely flood again tonight during the King Tide which is expected to hit 10.9m, he said.

The barrage can prevent flooding in the city now because there is a huge volume of (rain and flood) water (from upstream), he said.

Therefore, he said that those affected by the floods could now clean-up their houses and shops.

Some people havent cleaned up their places because they fear that therell be another flood tonight (last night), he said.

At 6.19pm, the upstream tide read 8.93m and 11.06m downstream. On Jan 12, the upstream tide was 10.8m.

Continuous heavy rain and thunderstorm since last week caused some low-lying areas in Kuching, Samarahan and Sri Aman divisions to be submerged under two to 14 feet of water on Sunday.

The situation was made worse by King Tides that started to occur on Jan 9 with the highest tide prediction between 6.1m and 6.3m from Jan 11 to 14.

By Sunday evening, because of the King Tide, more areas near Padungan and the city centre were under one foot of water.

On Monday evening, the flooding became worse as flood water pushed its way inland, covering much of the city with water of between two and four feet.

Dr Chan said Category Three strong winds would persist between 60km and 70km per hour until Jan 19.

He warned this would be dangerous for small boats and fishing activities by the coastal area.


KUCHING: The floods in Sibu town in central Sarawak worsened Saturday with some 1,800 evacuees still taking shelter in 17 relief centres statewide.

Several main roads in the towns central business district were affected, including Jln Nyabor where the Sarawak House shopping complex, a petrol service station and two international hotels are located.

The Sibu Fire and Rescue station in Jalan Central was also flooded.

The deteriorating situation was due to a combination of factors – heavy rains, high tides and floodwaters coming down from Kanowit in upper Rejang River.

A state flood operation room official said the river water level in Kanowit had been above the alert level for three days.

The water level in Batang Rejang (the countrys longest river) is above the alert level, she said Saturday.

She said nine roads in Sibu areas were under between 0.3m and 1m of floodwaters and were inaccessible to smaller vehicles.

Many residents in low-lying residential areas were trapped at home because of the rising water level.

The official said the flood situation in Kuching and Samarahan Divisions had improved significantly as only 220 evacuees from 53 families were still housed at the Batu Kitang Jaya relief centre. More than 4,000 others have returned home.

However, she said the Meteorological Department had re-issued an orange alert warning for Kuching and Samarahan Divisions as the rain clouds had come back.

Four of the 17 relief centres statewide are in Selanggau in central Sarawak which is housing 514 evacuees from 106 families.

There are 700 evacuees from 140 families in Tatau, Bintulu, while three of the six relief centres in Miri are sheltering some 200 villagers from 40 families who were affected by the landslide in Kampung Lereng Bukit.


There’s no road access to Batu Niah at this moment.

i canceled my offdays trip back to miri today. darn. :stuck_out_tongue:

Flood at Pujut Padang Kerbau this evening

i canceled my offdays trip back to miri today. darn. :P[/quote]
Bro, which road are you using? Costal Highway or old road?

i canceled my offdays trip back to miri today. darn. :P[/quote]
Bro, which road are you using? Costal Highway or old road?[/quote]

coastal. the federal road is still a NO-NO path to miri for me. very time consuming and potholes heaven, if I’m to be exaggerating. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only housing area at Batu Niah known as Niah Garden and Batu Niah Garden is now cannot access by any road.

Still raining now and are we ready for the floods?

i’ve heard next week will be raining EVEN more heavier than before… source from radio and News.

KUCHING: Wet, wet, wet.

Thats the overall weather outlook in the state this week.

A forecaster at the State Meteorological Services Department said yesterday it would continue to be a wet week.

According to the weather chart, winds from the West Pacific Ocean are causing the persisting wet weather, he said.

He said the wind pattern was forecast as consistent and moderate with the wet weather to continue if the wind stay longer in the state.

Weather outlook in the state is forecast as cloudy and rainy throughout the week. The eastern part of the state from Kuching to Bintulu is forecast to have intermittent to heavy rain, while in Miri and Limbang rains are likely to occur in the evening with thunderstorms, he said.

He said the current situation was categorised as Orange Alert as the weather continued to be wet.

There are three categories of alert under the Meteorological Services Department - Yellow, Orange and Red.

Yellow Alert means high possibility of heavy downpours; Orange Alert, occurrence of heavy rain and Red Alert, continuous rain and occurrence of floods.

The North East wind is expected to be moderate and blowing from 20 to 25 kilometre per hour, he said.

He said the department would issue a warning to all small boats should the wind exceed 40 kilometres per hour.

The waves along the shore of Sarawak would be 1.5 metres to 2.5 metres high which is considered still safe for fishing activities, he said.

However, he advised fishermen to be on alert for any change in the weather.


I’m ready for anything. This is a big world and anything can happen. So stay strong and stop doing nothing, looking forward to whats going to happen only.

Or would you prefer to deal with this sort of weather … seen from my living room…

rain can still swim but snow storm 0_0 u try stay outside 15 mins Hyperthermia sets in u die lolz!

anyone got quote how much does a small boat cost ? …

i bet miri flood will come…starting from taman awam first…
second is explanet
coz both of the beach still drawn into the sea…
covered with floods :twisted: