Are we ready for the floods?

I saw the news today evening, areas in Bau and Kuching are flooded.

Its raining heavily outside in Miri now.Is there any forecast for floods in Miri over next few days?

flood or no flood, just prepare for the worse.
kuching around batu kawah, green road, sg maong area all flooded.
my kch house almost hit by flood, now the wate just stay outside the gate.

i remembered few years back when this happened at my kch house. I had to jack up my kancil car put bricks under each tyre.

Should be getting better from today onward because yesterday was high tides and we can see the biggest moon in year 2009.

To those who miss the biggest moon visual last night, Click here to view our forum.

i think certain place only will flood…miri area high enough i think…so less chance to get flood if compared to west malaysia land…here,most of it are low land…raining little bit,start to flood already…

lutong area was flooding Saturday morning… abt 3-5 inches in some low areas. Especially in the old shell clinic area.

that area alway ler…last time i was on my way back to piasau camp.i drive using the lutong road…on my way half to the airstrip,saw the road covered with water…quite high too…its high tight time i think…i have to reverse,than took the lutong pujut road…have to make one big circle to reach home…huhu

A total of 3,773 people from 629 families affected by floods in low-lying areas in the Kuching, Samarahan and Sri Aman divisions here were evacuated to 25 relief centres as of 3pm today.

Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr George Chan said Sarawak was bracing for a very grave situation because the weather was expected to worsen as the red alert warned of heavy rain until Wednesday.

So far, no casualties were reported but rescue and relief teams faced danger and difficulty in their operations, he said when updating reporters on the flood situation at the state operations room in Wisma Bapa Malaysia, Petra Jaya, here.

Dr Chan, who is also the state disaster relief committee chairman, related that an army boat with six personnel aboard capsized this morning due to strong currents while evacuating two flood victims in Kampung Dayak Panchor, Serian, about 45km from here.

He also said that about 30 flood-hit schools in the Kuching and Samarahan divisions would be asked to close temporarily if the situation warranted it.

Dr Chan advised parents to monitor their childrens activities, especially as the king tide was forecast to rise to 6.1 metres at 5.30pm today and 6.2 metres between tomorrow and Wednesday.

Meanwhile, State Housing Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg, who visited Kampung Kudei in his Satok constituency here, said 130 families staying on a bank of the Sungai Sarawak were at risk of being hit by floods.

I have advised the villagers to get ready to be evacuated if the water level rises, he said.

Abang Johari also asked the police to patrol the flood-affected areas to ensure the safety of the property of the evacuees. BERNAMA


wah!!thats worst:( sarawak everyday raining is it?KL seems to be dry…

KUCHING: Some 8,000 people in several parts of Bau District were hit by flood yesterday.

Continuous heavy rain and King Tide caused Sungai Sarawak Kanan to overflow its banks and eventually forced more than 50 families out of their homes.

As at 4pm, 17 families from Kampung Suba Buan (including nine that moved out on Friday) had been evacuated after the flood rose to eight feet.

The village became unreachable by road following heavy rain since Friday coupled with King Tide at 5.5 metres.

The evacuees are currently living with their relatives and food has been distributed to them by the Welfare Department.

In Kampung Pengkalan Baru one family had been evacuated; Kampung Buso, 15; Kampung Tembawang Sauh, four; and Kampung Sibuluh, three.

Sixteen Kampung Stenggang families also moved out but were allowed to return after the flood receded in the afternoon.

Students residing at SMK Baus hostels were also asked to move out in the morning and then allowed to return in the afternoon.

Four families in Kampung Melayu Siniawan and 10 from Kampung Tanjong Bau had been told to get ready for evacuation anytime.

Roads submerged by the flood were Jalan Taiton (two to three feet), Jalan Pijuru (one to three feet), Jalan Jonjang (four to five feet) and Jalan Suba Buan (seven feet), affecting about 8,000 villagers living near Sungai Sarawak Kanan.

Meanwhile, water had risen to one foot at Tondong Bazaar.

Bau District Officer Tom Hen Mijod pointed out that the flood started to rise since early morning.

The flood operations team would continue to monitor the situation and alert the people from time to time, he said, adding that 24 evacuation centres had been set up in Bau.

According to online data on river level issued at 4.35 yesterday by the Department if Irrigation and Drainage (DID), some low-lying areas were facing major floods as the water in the river was nearing the danger level.

DIDs telemetry station at Buan Bidi (Bau) showed the level at 17.53 metres over two metres above normal (15 metres). The danger level is 17.80 metres.

Kuala Sungai Maong station read 2.15 metres against the normal one metre, while the danger level is 2.80 metres.

Batu Kawas station read 2.67 metres against the normal two metres, while the danger level is 4.20 metres.

Siniawans station read 5.94 metres against the normal four metres, while the danger level is 7.20 metres.

The Meteorological Services Department forecast rain and thunderstorms in Kuching for the next few days throughout the day until Jan 14.

Intermittent rain, occasional heavy rain, and isolated rain are expected throughout the state.

On sea condition, the waves would be between 3.5 and 4.5 metres.

The department has warned that any shipping and beach activities would be dangerous. The wind direction is north-east with a velocity of between 50 and 60 kilometres per hour.

King tides will occur until Jan 17 with the highest level at 6.2 metres from Jan 12 to 14.


it’s due to the fullmoon that so d**m close to earth for this year (every year like this also, dec-jan, moon closest to earth)
hope the moon gravity wont last till new year…

everyyear kuching sure flood (partly due to bad drainage system too) during dec/jan

every year near cnY sure heavy rain

my kch house is filled with 1 feet of water already as i type :cry:

update: 2 feet

… i think sibu also like this, coz beside river nia, the hieght no diff from river and summore the ground is swamp… so water is already there, where will the water go?

Bau, bad flood , especially Krokong area
Kpg Blimbin Krokong - about 15 houses under water.
Kpg Bijuray Mongag - 11 families evacuated.
Kpg Bijongon - completely cut off by Flood.
Taiton - worse , Keranji also unaccessible
Kpg SKiat Baru under water.
Krokong and Serumbu area were completely cut off from Bau Town and Kuching.
Thanks to EN Tom Hank , DO Bau , , YB Dr Jerip (ADUN N16) and YB Dato Dr James Dawos Mamit who were all on duty organising relieve supplies.
Hopefully relief supplies reach the affected families.

hey, how about our friends at Kuala Baram seaside? There got a seaside kampung.

I Hope Sibu is not flooded this CNY…Need to go back and get AngPaus’…Jusy can pray

KUCHING: Heavy rain over the past 24 hours here has displaced 3,773 people from 620 families.

State disaster and relief management committee chair-man Tan Sri Dr George Chan warned that more people could be evacuated if the conditions continue.

He said it could even be worse than 2004 when thousands were evacuated from large areas in the Kuching and Samarahan divisions hit by the floods.

Dr Chan, who is also deputy chief minister, said those evacuated over the past 24 hours were being housed at 25 evacuation centres in Kuching, Bau and Serian.

Updating reporters on the flood situation in the state at the flood operations centre at Wisma Bapa Malaysia here, he said there were 3,773 evacuees as at 4.30pm yesterday.

"When we had the floods over several days in 2004, the total rainfall recorded on Jan 25, 2004 was 205mm.

“Today, it is projected that the total rainfall would be 299mm,” he said.

As at 3pm yesterday, the total rainfall in the Kuching division was 187mm.

Dr Chan said the expectation was that most of the low-lying areas in Kuching, Bau and Serian would be flooded.

“We are expecting the situation to get worse between now and Wednesday,” he said.

Roads between Kuching and Bau have been cut off by the rising floodwaters.

In Kuching itself, the roads affected are Jalan Padungan, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Matang Baru, Jalan MJC and Tun Ahmad Zaidi.

The worst affected area is Kampung Suba Buan, which was reported to be under 5m of water as at 10am yesterday.

Efforts are under way to evacuate its 180 families.

Dr Chan said he had requested the Royal Malaysian Air Force and the state-owned Hornbill Skyways to send food, drinks and other necessities to the villagers.

“They have informed me that they will do so when the sky is clear.”

Dr Chan said he had also requested that the RMAF use its Labuan-based specialised search and rescue helicopters to help evacuate flood victims.

There are 230 evacuees, the largest group so far, being housed at the Wei Xyuan Xiang Seafood flood centre in Batu Kawa while Masjid Kampung Landeh at Kota Padawan had 187 evacuees.

The other affected areas are Kampung Batu Kitang Jaya, Kampung Sinar Budi Lama, Kampung Sadong, Kampung Stapok, Kampung Sinar Budi Baru, Taman Desa Wira, Kampung Chabang Segedup, Kampung Segedup, Kampung Sungai Maong and Kampung Kudei.

The other areas are Kampung Emprol Jambu, Kampung Bidak, Kampung Bunuk, Kampung Tapah, Kampung Ma’ang, Kampung Seduduk, Kampung Layang and Kampung Chupak.

Dr Chan said rain over the last 24 hours resulted in Sungai Sarawak Kanan, Sungai Sarawak Kiri and Sungai Sarawak bursting their banks.

He said during the period, the amount of rain recorded was between 172mm and 370mm in the affected areas.

Meanwhile, several landslides had been reported in Serian and Padawan.

The Kuching-Serian road was temporarily closed by a landslide near Simunja but it has already been cleared by the Public Works Department.

Three houses in Padawan were slightly damaged by a landslide.

Dr Chan, who visited the affected areas, said the Meteorological Services Department had warned that the heavy rain would continue to fall over Kuching and Samarahan divisions until Wednesday.


Residents of this oil city yesterday enjoyed the afternoon without any rain despite dark clouds looming above.

However, rain began to fall late evening but they were scattered.

There were no incidents of flood reported along the river although the water seemed to be swelling as a result of heavy rain for the last couple of days.

Following the almost non-stop rain starting late friday night into saturday, some incidents of flash floods were reported in low-lying arears but subsided a few hours later.

On friday and saturday nights, strong waves created havoc along some sections of the Miri - Kuala Baram Road where sea water rose to the road surface and flooded some parts.

Quote from The Borneo Post. Monday, Jan 12.

It would be great if we have photo around Miri on this flood stuff to properly document it in here … eh ?

KUCHING 12 Jan. Jumlah mangsa banjir di Sarawak meningkat kepada 9,587 orang membabitkan 1,474 keluarga sehingga pukul 12 tengah hari ini.

Jumlah pusat pemindahan sementara yang dibuka turut meningkat iaitu sebanyak 37 buah berbanding semalam hanya 25 buah pusat.

Bahagian Kuching mencatatkan bilangan mangsa banjir paling tinggi iaitu 8,223 orang membabitkan 1,215 keluarga dan mereka ditempatkan di 33 pusat pemindahan sementara.

Sementara itu, Jabatan Meteorologi mengeluarkan amaran hujan lebat tahap merah di bahagian Kuching, Samarahan, Sri Aman serta Betong dan ia dijangka berlarutan sehingga Rabu ini.

Air pasang besar pada hari ini pula dijangka mencecah 6.2 meter menjadikan bacaan paras ketinggian air adalah 10.8 meter pada pukul 6 petang ini.