Are We Racists? From Lim Kit Siang blog

Maybe there isn’t that much previllages?

About applying for government jobs or public uni’s i think its the person who filters the applications is the problem. It could be quota related too.

racism sucks. should racist be given a taste of their own medicine?

when i was a small kid Chinese mothers will use me as an example with words such as 'mangkali kui, kalinga kia, intho kui, o lang ’ to scare their little ones. that gives me inferiority complex all my growing up life until i met my wife who pointed out to me that my looks are in the league of Bollywood movie stars. she gave me two very handsome kids and tells me handsome kids can only result from and is proof of handsome father. my wife is fairer than the Chinese and so are my two kids. it doesnt matter wherever they goes, heads turn and you get stunned silent stares especially from Chinese or Dayaks for the matter and they just cannot digest the idea that Indian can be more fairer than the Chinese or Dayaks. my wife tells me never mind let the kataks remains under their tempurung and leave them be with their shallow narrow unworldwise minds.

sometimes when i dwelt on the past i will in anger points out Chinese kids to my little ones and say ‘cina kui will get you’ just to get them to behave but once my elder 6 years old boy pointed out to me its wrong to talk like that about other races and i felt so ashamed so i stopped doing it.

so whats the moral of this story?. racist are everywhere and in every races. those that are racist just avoid them but do not generalize a particular race as racist for there is no such thing as a racist race. if they have a poor perception of you work to change that perception. if you succeed then good but if you cannot change their perception gives them a wide miss. life is too short to be wasted on these racist.

most important of all do not let anyone talks you into believing that you are inferior or deficient in anyways. be all you can be.

Its the individuals, not the race. So I hope everyone, share with everyone else out there… Not to stereotype a race for certain things…

Stereotyping is always bad.