Are there books written about Miri?


(Ask) #1

Have you read any fiction, non-fiction, travel guides, coffee-table books and others about Miri? What do you think about the way Miri is being portrayed?

(Jackson Liaw) #2

First read the paperback version of this book in 2010 outside of Malaysia and gave it as a gift to a roommate who have yet to explore Sarawak. Read the ebook version recently using Kindle on IOS.

Bumbling Through Borneo by Tom Schmidt.
Follow the humorous day-by-day account of Bumbling Bob, a wayward American architect, as he finds himself on an uncertain journey deep into the heart of Borneo with a small troupe of intrepid backpackers. Share an arduous journey up the fabled Rejang River to experience life in a traditional longhouse ending in a deadly race through virgin rainforest aboard runaway logging trucks to a world of subterranean splendor. Discover the Malaysian state of Sarawak a land abundant in natures treasures ruled by a melting pot of cultures on a collision course with environmental catastrophe!

The funny part about Miri in their journey - this is back in the early 1990’s: