Apply passport at Miri yet not a sarawakian

Today, I went to Miri Immigration Office at Yu Lan Plaza to apply new passport as I’m going to my hometown Sabah by using car. (fyi, i’m sabahan)! I’ve already ready document that is needed, yet they told me that because I am not Sarawakian, I need to wait 1 week instead of 1 hour. Did anyone experienced The same thing? Why I need to wait 1 week when all my document is ready?

When you say “new passport” do you mean like apply first time or renew? If apply new one, i think they need to refer to Immigration KK dulu…thats why…
If you already have passport n want to renew here, then maybe can 1 hour…

I guess to renew yr passport right?? b’cause to come here u need passport… but it should not take 1 wek to renew passport bro

a day or two.

Last year i work for shipping agent and renew passport for lots of crew from sabah / west malaysia.

You may do it online too. :slight_smile:

Ya. New passport. I just dun get it. Is not that I’m from other country right? I met 3 different staff and different people tell me different thing. One of them said I can apply new passport without refer to KK immigration, another one say wait 1 week, another one say not so sure if can apply here or not. Haih… Now i have to buy last minute flight ticket just because of them. Sigh :frowning:

pls clarify.

  1. new passport = never have any malaysian passport
  2. extending expiry passport = still have a lot of pages, but nearly expired, some kind of… extending the expiry date
  3. renew passport = old pasport expired / no more pages but still valid. (need new passport booklet)

which one is your case?

New passport/Lost passport will take 1 week to process for non sarawakians in miri.
Dont ask me why, but thats what ive heard from others

Only take a day or two. Shouldn’t be that long. Everything is online ma…Unless your ancestor belongs to the group being investigated by ongoing RCI - Project IC in Sabah. :wink:

lost my passport 2yrs ago to them blardy thieves. had to get a new one at Yu Lan plaza and it took abt a week to get the replacement done coz the Miri office had to send my application back to KK office to verify my documents (fyi, am a Sabahan) groanss