Apple Reportedly Will Appear With Support Health And Fitness


This year Apple is expected to be present with the updates for the operating system to the mobile version of iOS8. One of the new things that are said to be included along with the update is support for health and fitness.

For this purpose, a new application will be integrated in iOS8, which is known by the name “Healthbook” moment. it’s said to be able to detect a number of things like how this journey has been taken, calories burned, blood pressure and so on. Some of these functions already present through some other application today - especially through such devices can share FuelBand, Fitbit and so on.

The introduction of this function is also expected to be a point of identification for the device can share from Apple itself. Rumors related to the current iWatch said several times before, and maybe we’ll be able to see it either this year or next year.

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