Api Api squatters can breathe easy as heap cleared in record time

MIRI: Residents in Api Api squatters colony in Lutong can stop pinching their nose now that the rubbish tip fouling up the area has been cleared.Thanks to speedy action from the authority concerned after heckles were raised as it deployed a contractor to clear the rotting dumping site and put an end to the putrid smell after more than two weeks.

We were the most affected because our houses are located not far away from the dumping site. We had to close all doors and windows and even dry laundry indoors to avoid the stink, Bigail Usang conceded when met by The Borneo Post there recently.

Bigail claimed they even had to don masks, with some developing breathing difficulty while flies and vermin swarmed the rubbish heap along with strays digging for scraps.

The problem was highlighted in thesundaypost last week, and apparently the next day itself, the contract workers appeared to clear it in no time.

We were blamed and reprimanded by the authority for not being alert to the matter. We are under a new contractor as the previous one had finished its tender, the workers confided in The Borneo Post.