Apacer AH190 Lightning Dual Flash Drive : a Dedicated Backup Solution and File Manager for Apple iPhone & iPad

Eying to get a bigger year-end-bonus, Ariel volunteered an urgent interview task from work. Just when she thought she was ready to set out, she noticed her iPhone was running out of memory space. Luckily, she kept her Apacer AH190 Lightning Dual flash drive with her. Would she make it through the days’ task?

▲Feeling confident about all the preparations she made, Ariel realized her iPhone, which would be used to record the interview, nearly ran out of memory! There was no time to go through the old files and figure out which ones should be deleted.

▲This is where her Apacer AH190 comes in handy. This dual interface flash drive comes in capacities of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB, made to overcome the biggest pain point of iPhone & iPad: the memory limitation!

Designed with an ergonomic curve that ensures easy finger grip, Apacer AH190 can be easily inserted or removed. The Lightning connector is built extra-long to accommodate for the additional thickness brought by phone protective covers. Yes, this means, there need to remove the cover during use.

The exterior of Apacer AH190 is finely textured aluminum alloy, with transparent caps to keep the USB and the Lightning ports always visible. This beautifully shaped piece is a perfect personal accessory, available in two color shades: Rose Gold and Gold.

▲The interview must be fully recorded, with videos and photos. Since Ariel’s iPhone was unlikely to have enough space hold any long recordings, she decided to plug the Apacer AH190 into her iPhone before the interview began. The capture-and-save feature automatically saves all the contents produced directly into the flash memory, leaving the limited space in the phone entirely untouched.

The interview ended smoothly. Thanks to Apacer AH190, Ariel had everything she needed to complete the task, from 4K videos, voice recordings, to photos. Ariel felt glad that she had her AH190 next to her in an important moment like this.

▲Ariel sat down at a café and concentrated on completing her article. By connecting the USB 3.1 port with her computer, all that was saved in the Apacer AH190 can be immediately accessed. Thanks to the dual interface design, the convenient insert-and-read process involves no cable for iTune connection, or any cloud uploads.

▲One problem remained unsolved: Ariel’s iPhone was still short of memory! Easy, just make a backup with Apacer AH190 before freeing up the iPhone space. With the help of iFileBridge app, the content in the iPhone can be quickly duplicated into AH190. Better yet, the app is able to recognize files that already exist in AH190, keeping each backup action efficient by only topping up with new files.

▲The interface of iFileBridge is intuitive and friendly to use. With a direct access key, it only takes one tap on the phone screen to back up anything from contacts to phone numbers, much more convenient than the conventional data cable.

There is flexibility to choose which file types should be backed up: just tick what’s needed, iFileBridge will follow the command and automatically backup new files that are not yet stored in Apacer AH190.

▲Apacer AH190 supports SuperSpeed for high speed transmission, making uploads and downloads swift and convenient.

After the hectic morning, Ariel felt she could use a moment to space out. Apacer AH190 has always been her little databank for movies and other personal entertainments. That’s why she carries it with her at all times, because it holds memory-consuming files and has a media player that can play any video format.

▲Look at her face! The convenience of this insert-and-play feature gives her an instant relief from the tensions.

Conclusion: Ariel’s interview task ended smoothly. With the help of the Apacer AH190, everything is successfully captured and stored. Certified by Apple MFi, rest assured that only the best of quality is provided for your data handling. If you are like Ariel, who constantly relies on her iPhone for memory-consuming actions, look no further. Available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB, Apacer AH190 will be your best companion to tackle memory limitations and much more!

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