Anywhere Else Blackout?

Emart blackout now and so is Parkson…is it all place blackout in miri? :frowning:

Luak bay also no electric and town area also:$

taman jelita also :frowning:

So do pujut areas! Whole city blackout during afternoon!


piasau area black out on a sunny day~!..but better than no water :slight_smile:

first, water supply. now, electricity. FUUUUUUUU.jpg

Krokop also blackout :S


Grand park here too

Miri earth hour?LOL…

Pujut corner too

I wonder if got long queue/panic buying for portable generator? :mrgreen:

candles and glowsticks too…haha! :lol:

Denyo genset on standby :mrgreen:

sesco always test mirian patience

Sure this is not earth hour?

Want to buy fuel also cannot… :frowning:

parkson also blackout

Airport, survey riam, Federal office at jln cahaya near hospital also blackout.
Sooo hot now.