Anyone tweet using handphone?

I need to know if anyone did twitter through their handphones?

-If you did like how and which sms service party you use to connect to twitter
-How much per-tweet? Especially on Celcom 019

Need you favorable input. Thanks.

Nvm, found the solution already.

so what’s your findings? is it free or chargable?

I think it works great for texting. RM1 per-week with unlimited sms text to twitter is a great deal using Celcom X service because i’m on 019.
I also link to 3rd party picture hosting for MMS service but that one like 20sen on separate bill because i use low res picture. Solve my problem twitting, facebook and sending picture. Throwing 3 birds with 1 stone keh keh keh…

Only if you “Follow” or “Reply” message from Twitter then RM1 per-week policy is not applicable