Anyone looking for NDS?

Correct me if I’m wrong, currently the NDSL’s price in Miri is RM900 if you want to play downloaded games, but i can find one with lower price
So, anyone here interested of the NDSL? I can help you to find one if you want… just PM me and I’ll discuss the details with you. thanks.

what is NDSL anyway? i dont know anything about this, but since it’s related to games, can u brief me a bit?

it stand for Nintendo Dual Screen Lite…

ah…thanks athrun!

how much u can get?

arr… sorry for late reply… well, think I can get the NDSL with the 2G catridge for around RM 799. So anyone interested? FYI, the catridge is for the Slot 1 of NDS where you can put in the MicroSD and put your downloaded games inside., download nintendo ds lite games here for free. Download your game first,then unzip it then paste to your memory card. Sooo easy…

I’m buying 2nd hand from my friend for RM450 XD

thanks for your information… this information really help us NDS owners a lot…

and RM450 is a very attractive price as long as the handheld is working fine and the condition is good

waa…thanks Kymgoh!does the game works on NDS old type like mine?

now ndsl can play on pc also liaw…

yeah,i am playing it too…but it will suddenly jamed…and the sound is CRAPY…the simulator is just not the same as the real NDS…try feel the difference yourself…that is why i brought NDS… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: bring everywhere i go…love it love…

yeah, try the real NDS/NDSL.

The feelings played on computer is nothing compare to NDS gameplay.

Yeah babe. Love my NDS. Now figuring hard how to replace my screen protector.

Computer NDS emulation is terrible and without using the stylus its just not worth it. Stick to using the actual NDS. R4 card for better experience!! :mrgreen:

i am look for edge,anyone know where t buy and how much?

that is why i brought NDS…but mine is old type…the sound is crappy when play on computer…want pay NDS game?get a NDS…sure you lost interest on PC one…

RM450 for 2nd hand wo? Pay little more, can get a brand new one.

what second hand?

This 2nd hand

This 2nd hand[/quote]mine is very old already…old NDS fat…LOL… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: