Anyone looking at the moon now? 8pm

look how beautiful it is. Sorry no pics, m in my car

got what special ?

In car can still post to

celcom broadband…

i cant c the moon today. where to hide ?

under ur ketiak

under ur ketiak[/quote]

no wonder…thanks to inform me

yupe it was so beautiful anak bulan … or bulan sabit … i can see a round shape shading and a bright bulan sabit … it was totally awesome eventhough I can see Scorpio star sign on the sky … biduk bentuk mcm senduk menuju ke utara… hehe … i saw this thing using my telescope hehe

moon? dont see it…wat happen?

someone ate it

It’s the end!!! :shock: :shock:
Didn’t see the moon from here.
Anyways,the skies are beautiful.Great time for Star Gazing.
Here’s one pic I shoot just now!
Out of topic :stuck_out_tongue: :roll: Sorry

hehehehe…how u know???u saw me ate it just now???dennos don owes spy me la plsss…

someone ate it[/quote]

ooohh really? all this while i thought the sky in my area is too cloudy :frowning:

i looking at someone’s moon… damn big le…

any ufo?

got… lotsa leng lui alien here…

They wear the same bikini as mine o…wondering whr they bought it…sighsss…alien also want to copy my style…sien…

actually what was going on with the moon now? i see the sun here le…

So early get hin ord…si beh lousy la u no wonder saturday night tat day u don dare to come out…wat a shame…loser…

out of topic…talk moon now not ffk