Anyone knows about ERAGON

My bf recommended me to read this book, Eragon. It’s an adventure/fantasy/epic story of a boy who discovers a stone which happens to be a dragon hatchling. When the Empire found out that he possesses the stone, they destroyed his home and family. In quest for vengeance, he starts his adventure with his dragon and a friend and from there, he is thrust into a perilous new world of destiny, magic and power. I’m halfway reading it, and can’t wait for the movie to come out Dec 15th this year. Those of you who are into epic kind of movies like the LOTR, HARRY POTTER, i think you should also like this one. Let’s just not put our hopes up first. I was very eager to watch Narnia when they first preview it on TV but after i watched it, it really didn’t matched up to my expectation. Still i say LOTR rules. A-but then, you should try check this movie out yerself.

here’s the link:

IMHO, Id rather wait for The Hobbit. Eragon’s just fine.

eragon…i wanna read that…my sis has it…either im bad at time management or i just dont have the time=.= haha…ill get to it tho…sounds nice

There’s a continuation to the book. The 2nd book is ELDEST. I have not bought it yet but am going to. Will keep u guys updated.

yea my sis has that too…@@…maybe illr ead them…after cuti hehehe…sumthing to do b4 sleep yay

I’ve got it on the shelf in front of me…friend lent it to me back in Msia…now its MINE, muahahahhaha! …but he took my other book sigh neways, only read a couplf of pages…not really my cup of tea…