Anyone know got any shop can service Chevrolet Aveo cars?

Hi, just wondering if any shop in Miri knows how to service Chevrolet Aveo Sedan LS 2010 car? My main concern is the oil filter, don’t know if any shop in Miri got it.


Type : F14D3, In Line 4 Cylinder DOHC
Displacement : 1399 cc

contact chong brothers workshop at krokop.


Thanks! I will try there :smiley:

u can try kah yong at krokop near grave yard. i forgot the phone number contact but u can see the workshop name on the road side

Go KB buy the oil filter & change the oil u self. Easy job.

Petrol to KB return = RM10
Tol charges return = RM20
KB tol charges return = b$6 = rm15

Total extra price paid for misc is RM45

If i get the workshop order for me its so much easier…Perhaps,your easy job is different.