Anyone interested in making money online?

Hi, anyone here have any experiences making online before? I join a site that really pay me and i received twice payment from it. If you are a good writer few times more tha me. There are task you can write on to earn more there. But your English must be good enough. It is just like a sharing websites but you can earn money from it. You can discuss any topics there to get more money from there. Anyone here interested can reply your mail here i will send you the link. I will guide through it. If you got any question can just email me after you get the link from me. Thank you!!

how does it work? please let me know.Thanks…

Hi, it is just like a discussion site. There are a lot of interest such as hobbies, rc world, cars, internet, money earning and more. What you have to do is just reply to what people ask there or you can start your own discussion there. You will earn from what you write. Provides more information or share some links there will help you get more money there. Besides you can post some pictures there to get more money. But if your English is good enough you can answer to the tasks provide by other users then you will earn usd1.50 per task. Thats all i can tell you. You have to try it out yourself to know more bout it. Just send me a mail or message then i will send you the link. Thanks!!!

i wana try it…~


Ichiat, that’s good money there. What’s their total membership at present and in your opinion are the members fairly active.
Will appreciate if you do not mind. Thanks

One question…how do you receive the money…and how to get it…sounds nice by the way!!!

Through paypal. Then you go public bank get a debit card for free then transfer the money to your debit card.

Receive money in a few ways. 2 Popular and proven ways are thru and cheques direct from google. (posted to your house)