Anyone here notice this !

LOL. their webhosting sucks. Took me so long to load…

:x :x :x :x :x :x slow like snail

cant get tru lah… suck!

i found it appear in my FB and it really enough slow ~,~

Slow like 56kbps modem…

i will stick to this old

i Luv

same here :smiley:

no ppl 1 ~ whos the owner of tat~ haha
copy ?

MiriCommunity still the best!

its not the interface but the community is the main point i guess?
i love mirian peeps

Wow…a direct copy of miricom.

of course it look the same… both using PHPbb

i wanna try this…uhuhu

i register for member before 6 days till now now activation mail. hahahahaha tooooooooooo slowwwwwwwwwww.

till today still rules over it

till today still rules over it