Anyone heard of CHIMEI lcd monitor?

As the tittle indicated, does anyone know about this brand and which shop sell these lcd monitor especially CMV-222H at Miri?

I have been using a Chimei CMV938D 19" LCD for two yrs now. So far so good. Boulevard IT used to sell them but not anymore.

So…no shop at Miri sell Chimei LCD monitor already. Well…what a bad luck. Someone at lowyat did sell CMV-222H for RM722. Very tempting for me as i look forever for cheap lcd monitor for loooonng time. Bad news is I worry about being cheated if banking in…and i don’t know if got warrranty or not from him. If no shop in Miri sell that model…my life is really messed up…

It depends John. In lowyat there are reputable sellers and they are the ones that are not. What you have to make sure is the seller that you’re buying from is a reputable one and a good one. There are a lot of scammers but they are also a lot of good sellers. Good luck.

Would it make any difference if there’s a shop in Miri selling it? You’ll still be equally screwed up if the seller is a scammer.

it’s a good lcd?

I heard Chimei is a lcd OEM. Im using one and so far so good. Played doom3 and quake tournament. No ghosting.

Too bad our town is so outdated(don’t get angry), we usually get the out of date products. Current widescreen LCD 22" at most less expensive that I can find in Miri is RM 1399 during the pc fair and it only has D-SUB,DVI and HDMI. If there is any reseller that sell CHIMEI 22" model at Miri, I am sure to buy one. From every review that I read at internet, most of them are very satisfy with it. Anyone know if shops at Brunei got sell it?

Im selling brand new HP LCD 24" Widescreen at RM1300. Regarding the CHIMEI brand, if im not mistaken, ICT Century from Soon Hup Complex is selling it.

ICT Century at Soon Hup Complex?Going to check tomorrow, unfortunately, my allocated budget is RM800(economy these day not good T_T, everything price increases)

the price of the HP 24" LCD im selling is 50% off the original price.

aarrgh! your price is very very tempting bulat.

yes it is, isnt it? the most tempting part is that i left with 2 units. After that, not at this price anymore

The ICT Century only sell CMV 9460. Didn’t have the input that i wanted…well, no choice, has to ask my relative to buy it at Singapore…Bulat offer very good too,but, what to do, economy not good, budget limited(all because the old car maintainance). Thanks for all the reply.

50% off of RM 1300? or? 1300 is already discounted?

How come you selling cheap? not stolen items? or a duplicate? any warranty for this? including a warranty card?

50% off of RM 1300? or? 1300 is already discounted?[/quote]

RM1300 is already discounted. in HP website, its selling at over RM2600

How come you selling cheap? not stolen items? or a duplicate? any warranty for this? including a warranty card?[/quote]

Sorry lar, illegal stolem items tak main lar. All genuine goods. with BIG box, warranty card and HP’s warranty.

Hmm… any chances of getting any more stock or not? or this is the last 2 items you have.

20" HP LCD at RM650, interested?