Anyone having problems with Streamyx line?

Already 2 days, my line is very slow. I think 1515 loads faster than my current connection.

Email cannot be received also.

Anyone get the same prob?

Where is your location in Miri? And what is your up/down link speed like? Hehehe… I have no problems here in KL leh. :stuck_out_tongue:

runs off quickly

[quote=“bulat”]Already 2 days, my line is very slow. I think 1515 loads faster than my current connection.

Email cannot be received also.

Anyone get the same prob?[/quote]

same goes here… (in miri)

downloading both .exe’s and .htmls are slow.

Mine’s OK. However I feel a slowdown when accessing, especially after posting to see the preview or jumping threads. Othewise all other sites elsewhere are fine.

mine ping 600+ damn lag…my place is in morsjaya…

:wink: great. by the way is there any reliable way to check how’s one streamyx performs? beside using bandwith tests or speed tests etc?.. or any other known methods? any ideas? anyone?

I don’t really bother with it as long as its wworking. I just check by streaming videos from google and see how it holds up. Current my streaming’s snappy. That’s all I need to know

hehe nice solution you got there… checking via web streaming… thanks man!

Well, mine is ok now.

I keep on calling the toll free 1300-88-9515 to complaim on my streamyx.
The CS is very efficient in taking care of my problems. In the end i asked them to changed the port. I think they did and now my line is ok.

I was told that TMNet is having problems and also their email servers.

This morning, my DL bandwidth was 20KB!! My god!
Now its more than 1MB, thank god!!

I can see my bitcomet is running at 60KB now! Hehe

So, just complain. No hard done.

Thumbs Up , TMNET

I will give 10 Thumbs Up for TMnet if they repair my connections… LOl… anyone got Thumbs to spare?? hehehe

mine so far so good even i have to reset my modem once a while coz the connection will down after sometime. Izzi modem problem or the line?

maybe got problem with ur modem leh?..wat brand u using?

maybe got problem with ur modem leh?..wat brand u using?[/quote]

I think most problems about streamyx 99.9% due to backbone. Modem may posed few problems (drivers+firmware issue) but still points to streamyx itself :smiley: , that’s how i looked at it…

I used to have ■■■■■■ connections before until i complain… dont stop complain (they’re paid to keep customer happy btw) keep on complain - complain!.. until they get bored hopefully they can upgrade to even better services :smiley: !!

true. if you dont complain, they dont know anything. if you complain once in a while, they wont notice you. So, you have to complain frequently until your problem is fixed. :lol:

i learn one thing about complaining about TM or Streamyx (same company anyway…hehehe)…always and i mean always complain to the toll free…100 or the streamyx toll free (sorry, dun remember the number)…so that they will have record about the complain. some of u might get the hp number from the technician from ur area. dun call that. u might think it will be easier cos it is direct. u r wrong. if u complain to the technician, that can choose not to response to ur complain cos their company dunno there is a complain ma. if possible, u can write an email to them. sure got record liaw…call or write to the nation customer service…they have ur record, they have to response

Pretty hard to do if Streamyx is down… :wink:

[size=67](of course, dial-up or hitchhike a working line) 8)[/size]

mine yesterday down for whole day leh… at nite then can online… =.=’’
yet the stupid msn 8.0 cannot use one… cant even see my contacts… argh… :x

u better kol the StreamyX person to deal with your problem. They provide free of charge service if u occur to happen any problem on your StreamyX that is wat I know lar … Go to you nearest StreamyX or TM Shop for more details thank you LOLZ

now ok edi gua… then dun care first… hahaha… :slight_smile:

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msn8 is a little buggy. I find that people never got invited to the beta test will have problem with contacts… I got invited during the beta, and its working find now for me…
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its good that you can at least online at night. That time during the downtime few months ago, i cant even online at night. My IP changes every 5 minutes. Imagine how frequent the disconnection is

But mine so far is working fine, torrent at full speed :stuck_out_tongue: