Anyone have Dellorto DHLA40s for sell..?

Anyone have Dellorto DHLA40s for sell…?

Hey… TeamGD… can u simply just explain wat is that…

A type of racing solex carburetor…

i knew someone manage to get one of this babes in miri, but dono where he got them… anyone knows?

hi… i got one set with me… offer me a price… i am from bintulu.

what would this do?

Make your car ‘drink’ more oil, and spend more money on petrol :mrgreen:

It’s performance part. :smiley:

the solex carb on the VW beetle’s flat 4, is often uprated to progressive or twin Webber’s.
some chaps used the similar Dellerto’s.

can suggest you possibly try locate some of the VW Bug aficionados,
who put on wonderful display, late Autumn last year, here in Miri.

Happy hunting.