Anyone from Miri know of this Mr Pui Carpenter and Sell Spare Parts

Hi everyone,

Police is looking for Mr Pui or something like MK Pui as he open a vehicle spare part shop here in Kuching two months back, once he has setup, he left overnight, with all his unknown goods parts shifted in big container.
Was told, Mr Pui also has a furniture shop in Miri City.

He also makes use of our company name Standard Auto Parts, as are here famous.

If anyone has any leads or information, we would like to hear from you here. Thank You.

Any one any idea, please let us know here. He literrally make use of us Standard Spare Parts as his startup here in Kuching. We received complaints from his customers during these 2 months, as goods was low quality and rusted in some parts. they thought it was related Standard Spare Parts. Now he left that unit just over night. Shaddy eh.

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