Anyone buy from this digital webstore before?

Hi, would like to know anyone buy from this webstore before? called Cell Phone Limited…I found the website online and i even chat in MSN with the dealer. All the electronic digital products in that store are very cheap but don’t know it’s all authentic or not? I did ask few questions to the seller, the seller said all their products are authentic and got 1 year warranty. The address that the seller stated is at the Beautiful Jade Centre Lot 837Ground Floor, anyone free to go and check that out?? Im quite curios about it, don’t even know is this shop really exist in Beautiful jade Centre. What do u guys think?? Here’s the url of the webstore, check this out guys.

just go to check the physical stock since they are in miri…if cannot then they are con artist loh…

The price in it’s website in us dollar or ringgit Malaysia?Kinda cheap…maybe fake also…but if want to know more maybe must go to the shop…Bring a handphone expert with you to check th handphone…

HLChin, haha…im currently in KL now, wont be able to check that out…anyone free to go check that out?? Please feedback or comment whoever been there…thanks guys…share with us

hurm. the iPhone 4G being sold is white or black?
If it’s white, then, it’s fake.

check if it is a registered company.

I remember the law stated that now all the online business must be registered as well.

if you check the address from google map…you can see that the area does not have any other shop except for the 1 and only handcraft building beside the shell station at Parkson area…so to my conclusion its a fake.

Haha, so…anyone convenience to go over and check out their shop?