Anyone been to longhouse before?

looks like there are lots new things for me to experience. Looking for the trip soon. :wink:[/quote]

I would think twice before bathing in the river…unless I’m steve irwin… :mrgreen:[/quote]

Don’t tell me got crocodiles there? :shock:

naaa…dont get nervous by that statement. you can always check with the longhouse folks whether the river is safe to bath. not all of the longhouse located along the riverside are full of crocs.

okay, will check with them. Hope the river is safe enough. Heard from friends said that will need to use sampan to cross over the river to reach the longhouse.

when u go to Niah cave, u can visit to longhouse also.

Oh yea… add top from my last post, the women form that long house I went is topless o… openly exposed.! Mostly are elderly but there is few young ladies also topless hehe…^^’ That’s many many years back… Nowadays maybe don’t have anymore.

Yes they do have bathroom at the back but they stll prefer wash and bath at the nearby river, especially the kids likes to jump into the river like nobody’s business haha…

This post makes me kinda miss my longhouse in Sarikei. The icy cold river,the fresh air in the morning and the sounds of the chicken and pigs.hihi…

back to your longhouse, do they still let the pigs on the loose nowadays? i miss that scenario though. :smiley: i miss the traditional ‘log stair’ that usually located at the main entrance of a typical traditional longhouse too.

one thing about visiting a long house for those who’ll visit it for a first time is to not be to paranoid.let ur guard down abit and just follow the flow or you’ll miss most of the fun.don worry about matters like crocodile in the river or where to bath or wat to eat ol those thing and just enjoy ur stay :wink:

yeap.they still let the pigs run free and yeah the main entrance is still using the log stairs.

Apppuuuu…nadai kala ngagai rumah panjai??

Batang Ai Hilton manah wai…

sigik baka anembiak diatu ndak kala ngagai rumah panjai waiii… :smiley:

i thought that is a hotel. :o

ps-how’s bono doing? is that his latest pic in your avatar?

Bono is becoming a little monster now, getting uglier each day…hahaa…which is good!

Baka embiak bak rumah panjai wai…engai dengar jakuk…sigik baka anak Iban…uuuuhaa!!

I have been to 2 longhouses on a church missionary trip. The 1st was an extremely LONG longhouse, like you can’t see the other end of it when you’re at one end. Extremely hot and stuffy when we first entered the longhouse I have to say, heh. But towards the evening, it was cooler. There were toilets with somewhat kopi-o tap water that smells heavily of soil. We had tapioca leaves and some other rarely found in town food for meals there.

The 2nd longhouse was more rural than the 1st - we had a roughly 45 mins boat ride before reaching, during which things like boat overloaded and half-sinking, seeing a dead fat long snake drifting by etc happened XD. Hmm. The kids there run around naked I remember, and they just jump gleefully into the murky river to bath. The boys did the same while we girls used water from a big rainwater-collecting tank outside the longhouse to bath.yeah, out in the open. Challenging. Nevertheless, the meals they prepared were thumbs-up. And the people there served us tea and biscuits, like 3 times a night after dinner >o< Super nice. Performed Ngajat dance for us and let us had a go with those hats and stuff.

Anyways, if you wanna go to a longhouse, rmb to bring mosquito repellent! Both longhouses have a large ‘colony’ of them so unless you don’t mind ending up with itchy bites all over your limbs, apply some repellent. Bring a camera too! I regret not bringing one and capture all those out of the city moments and scenes.