Anybody have puppies?

Hey guys,

After my dog died my mom is looking for another puppy to fill in the void in her life…hahaha…kesian my mom…so anybody has a puppy that they want to give away??? Branded (breed) punya ada kah??? If you have, how much would it cost for the breed one??? Let me know soonest!!!


my bro’s fren have couple of puppies, u wan ka? his mom wanna give to ppl, but i have no idea how it looks la n not sure branded or not.


Can you check for me whether its branded or not :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m interested also…not branded also can…me also don’t have branded dog…hehehehe

If got any branded puppies wana give away, just let me know. I luv branded puppies.

if branded some they maybe need stick sticker wor. like hush puppies sticker wor.

GUYS!!! This is my post for branded puppies!!! Not yours!!! Shooo…Go AWAY!!!

Hahaha…j/kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

So let all of us know if anyone have branded puppies…I’m willing to pay…but not so much lah:P

they tumpang ur thread so dun need open so many ma. later moderator angry

hmmm… i would like to have a puppy also…

if ‘branded’ designed in Italy but made in China, can or not? :stuck_out_tongue:

Talk about puppy… i want one too… i am missing my handsome :frowning:

i don’t mind… :smiley:

Sorry no puppies but let me tell you my sad story. When I was young, I had my very first Maltese puppy. Very cute and curly fur. Got a name of Putra. One day, when my neighbours girlfriend was passing by, my dog accidentally ran at the girl and bit her cheap jeans. After the tiny assault, my neighbours demand my family to pay them RM100. My father and them had a small arguement. The next month, my dog passed away from an unknown sickness. Probably poisoning from my neighbours! After a few months time, I got another dog, almost the same who we call Rocky. He was a very loyal dog. But then one day, he was killed by a stupid fast driver. It happened like this, My dog marked his territory on a Berhenti sign. Then there was this speeding Red Proton Saga, modified everywhere, just ran through my dog. WTF is wrong with these people. After that incident, Again I got a new dog from Japan. We called him Sammy. Nice dog but he got a wierd sickness where he keeps scratching his body and shivers. after some time he passed away.

How sad my life was with my precious dogs. People just can’t leave them alone. Anyway guys, thanks for your time if you were reading.

P.S , I got a new cute cat for now xD … in good condition BUT NOT FOR SALE! GRR ! haha xD

Hi Guys,

I need a half breed puppies as well…i want those with short short fur one…hehehe…

i dun really mind also thou…

[quote=“ncl1511”]Hi Guys,

I need a half breed puppies as well…i want those with short short fur one…hehehe…[/quote]
short fur cute mah?i prefer long fur one…cuter…

short fur easier to maintain… i also prefer short fur in most of the cases. then again need to c what breed also…

local breed of puppy also short hair…i prefer small breed and long hair puppies…so cute. :oops: :oops:

i thought this thread is for people who wanna give away puppies?