Anybody ages below 17 want friend?

i am 17 years old…male…anybody want to be friend? :smiley:

This is weird… :shock:

i’ not 17…but still can entitle become your friend ka?


introduce yourself :lol:

i am still a student…i like to hear music…read some chinese bok too…this year is a year of spm…BORING leh

SPM? LOL, trust me,you should really appreciate your time while you’re still in Form 5…

Depend on which site are you, I think SPM is not that hard after all, even though I manage to have a dismal results…

nothing is hard after you try…

Just really go ahead and enjoy every moments of Form 5 la…

seen like you feel sigh bcoz not enjoy your form 5 moment…what is your age?

I am going to be 18 this year la. Not to say it’s not enjoyable. It was just memorable. The realization of cannot go back to those time anymore is just somewhat sad.

It’s more pathetic to see all my former F5 friends have gone to studies, works, NS and yet I am still so relaxed.

you not go to work?what is your plan|? :frowning:

wow…sweet 17 n sweet 18 arrr…u guys still got a long way to go. keep it up n built ur good future from now. :slight_smile:

how about your age?wrx…hehe

my age ? ur age is 17 right ? then 17x2 = ??? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

34?old ginger always pedas…haha…

then u have to taste it baru can justify it… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

34 not so old lah…when i was in primary school…i always think when will i ‘upgrades’ to secondary school like two of my brother…now i am in form 5… :frowning: feel sigh and amazing…now i feel time goes quickly

ya time goes very fast, just like a GTR R35. :slight_smile:

I’m not 17… hahaha :lol:
So, i’m also an old ginger lah cos’ I’m >30 liao. :oops:
What’s your plan after SPM? Continue with studies? Looking for jobs?
U should enjoy your life while you can before you join the real society out there… :twisted:
Hahaha… doesn’t mean to scare you :mrgreen: