any1 using portable room air-conditioner?

hi all,
Any1 like to share their experiences with portable room air-conditioner with us?
How much u bought , which brand and how long have u been using it?

Thanks for the sharing . :slight_smile:

Buy good brand rather then cheap, it won’t last long and noisy compressor , cons is air outlet and space to store it if you not using it.

can pm me brand and price and shop names too

why wanna use portable? split unit/ windows unit is very cheap now days.

cos the place i stay can’t do the windows unit, and split unit need to make holes in wall??

but i think you still need an exit hole to disbursed the hot air from the compressor.

ur portable exit paip will be much much bigger then those split unit. the cheaper is split unit + installation less then Rm 750 also can get .

i think gree promotion RM699(split Unit 1hp) excluding installation, i can say the price is a steal, installation maybe add in RM100-RM150.