any1 play cashflow boardgame b4?

I have one, if u read richdad poordad u will know…any1 wanna join me to play?..either play in brunei or miri…i only played once…free to play of course…let me know if ur interested… :wink: thanks

ya, i want to try it too, where is the place to gather?

hi ssiapf…can u come to brunei?..if in miri, do u have a place to play? i can play anywhere i juz need enaf players and lots of free time :slight_smile:

I have played the PC game version…

Cool man…

Ive played both the PC and board game version.

I prefer the board one, cos the rules can be “extended” to further make the game more challenging. I found out that there’s a big flow in the game. Becoming someone with low income (note:Janitor) makes it easier for you to go to the fast track.

I’d play pc and card game. Good Game. Still got gathering?