Any Youtubers?

(Britanica) #1

I would love to get a channel going. Mostly for animals and gaming but I am so shy when it comes to talking. I can record game play but I am never sure what to say when I am playing with myself. I would love to play games with someone and record that so the focus is not on me just talking.

Any Youtuber’s here?


Nope, I’m not a confident speaker either!

(Britanica) #3

I wish I was. I mean I know it would help my anxiety to come out my shell. I think I may try to do it with my fiance. We will just talk not show ourselves. lol

(Danny) #4

I want to start a channel but have no idea what to put on it.

(Kate) #5

I will have a channel for my photography soon enough :slight_smile: I will share here

(Tiara) #6

Ugg I wish! I am so shy in front of the camera. Even just pictures I always feel like I am going to look weird. I wish I was one of those people who can always look good and natural in front the camera.

(Awesomian1st) #7

Yes i would LOOVVE to start a channel but i really dont know which of my so many ideas i actually want to do. I think we should start a youtubers-trynabe club going on for Mirians to give each other the much needed kick in the butt.


Here’s my channel, come take a look :smile:

(Jackson Liaw) #9

Yup, it’s amazingly funny when you watch people record themselves playing games like Happy Wheels or some horror games. Me and my daughter just love a good laugh watching such videos - it’s not the way they play it, it’s how they role play and express their frustration in words.

(allokitty) #10

Its 2018! Any youtube here?
Just posting updates on my Youtube channel here:

Come on guys, keep sharing. :wink: