Any suggestion to me?


Anyone knows that any telco plan are suitable for family use, around 4 persons
I think 1 person can get 5-10gb should be fine
If have unlimited calls it will better than get nothing
any recommend or ur experience do share with me?

(thini) #2

If not mistaken me , telco C having alots of plan tht suitable for family use …

(ping) #3

yes , you are right .
my fren is using telco C first share, she told me tht its has many good privileges…n d even this plan offering data sharing up-to 5 supp-line with unlimited calls bt its quite expensive too .


Is there the coverage are better right now?
Cuz they are upgrading 5g currently


last few week I heard that yellow man just RM50 with unlimited calls but not sure whether still can sign up…4 person just around RM200+
quite worth to get it

(Jozhua) #6

Telco C n M got better line coverage but I would suggest C cause their price are more reasonable and ‘’ full bar " line coverage in indoor places

(JohnyDee) #7

is it this promo still available?cos i heard that plan promo already end.

(JohnyDee) #8

tlco C now the way better after they do moderation at some they also about to upgrade their services and coverage for future.i use this share plan from C,so far okay…even share the data the speed just consistent and no buffering. easy to use also…

(kamal) #9

What’s the other privileges can get?

(qilalala) #10

u can get such as unlimited calls and also no limit for whatsapps and wechat also.for me it is easy to use bcos can share it anywhere and anytime.


No wonder I can’t find any inform relate to this plan
By the way, thanks for your information


Hmmm, quite many ppl recommend celcom first share plan.
Is it really that good as you guys mention?
Well, thanks for all of your inputs.
Will collect more information from the celcom outlet before subscribing


Hi pepos! My friends recommended me to switch to telco C also. Could you please give me some suggestions, please?


So whats the best plan for family usage? I’m looking for it too.
ahping, Whats the name of the plan your friend using for telco C?
gagakperkasa, so whats the information you collected from celcom?


hi, how’s your friend doing with telco C first share? what’s her experience? how much is it? is the plan still available now? looking forward to your reply. thank you


for me celcom has good coverage. i have no problem with it. you can search your coverage area too online.


celcom GBshare can

share anywhere through their postpaid app,
use bigger internet wherever and however we want
enjoy unlimited calls and social messages
saves more!!


Thank you very much indeed for sharing this information. This Celcom GBshare internet plan is best suited to me.


Peeps, thank you for yours all recommendations. I think Celcom GBshare internet plan is a good choice for me as I can enjoy many benefits such as unlimited call to all telco, sharing data via supp-line to my family & frienz and so on.

(Awesomian1st) #22

Webe got no love?

unlimited data, free calls, free sms, free IDD. Hmm… How come people dont know about it?