Any Shop Got Rent For Office? Urgent!

:cry: hard to find office 2 rent ler… where can find its?

Luak bay a lot of empty lots :stuck_out_tongue:

aiya~ too far lar… i do car insurans one… need open in front at center lor…

up stair Halo cafe got alot space need to rent out.

you want to rent whole lot or just single floor?

how much your budget? wat kinda location? i may be able to help u.

how about residential flat?..mayb you can consider to turn it into an office. but its on the 2nd floor. In town area. Would you b interested. Email me at as i seldom check for updates on miri community.thank you.

Oic… hw u know??? ur fren rent one o u c got rent???
But i wanna rent at downstairs lor only for small office easy give customer to pass document :?

juz wanna rent ground floor only

rm400 below near miri centre lor… sun city to boulevard

thanks for advise,its out my burgent already…

we can offer u at ground floor at RM450 if you interested.

k… where the location 1st??? i nid 2 c shop lor… got photo???

RM450 ground floor town area? what a good deal

Yaloh…really is a good deal leh… Town area Ground Floor woh…

k… where the location 1st??? i nid 2 c shop lor… got photo???[/quote]

no need photo lor… take phone num go see

GRaound floor?.. RM450 ONLY?.. Where can u find sucha good price?

let me know, if got such good deal!

normally 1k is minimum, but typical one costs more than 2k!

i got Maxi, half of first floor and brand new, can offer you good price as long as you are running it “legally”. location at waterfront, om me if u interested!!!