Any recommendation for good beauty center in Miri?

Hmm, just wanna ask around. Any recommendation on which beauty center in Miri that offer good service at reasonable price. Well, from your experience laa; any comments on their method of getting the yucky black/whiteheads, products used, and effectiveness, etc… Thanks (=

I like to go to Ivon in Boulevard. I have been going there for the past 4 years. There are alot of packages available to suit ur budget. And I love the beauticians there. They are really very gentle with you face and very into detail.

Artowawa, thanks for the advice! I had been there once for eyebrow and yah, the lady there is very nice and gentle. Hmm, I guess that will be a good place to go then. ^^

no prob :wink:

i would say OPI DE BEAUTE? NArdia Salon oso pretty nice’ especially their facial massage’ relaxinggg… :smiley:

OPI DE BEAUTE quite ok, but depends on the beautician…

try Ivon Salon at Boulevard and tell them Marlene recommend you there…sure u get good service hehe. price wise more dear than others but more reliable and experienced. product wise, quite expensive la…depending on what your problem is or wat u wan to achieve, thr r many products on the market that u can try without paying too much. i’ve been to some tat offers cheap and same quality" salon, but all hoax laa…service like s**t. others that i know of and i’ve been to…cannot comment here cos most of them know me so cannot say online…sowee,… teamGD hope u hav a good salon experience ya :slight_smile:

I used to go to Opi De Beaute at Parkson … now seldom go d … find it very difficult to book … cos beds almost always not available on the times i want to do my facial … so i stopped going d … they are quite pricey too …

try kose :slight_smile:

if go opi de beauty, i always look for lily.she is very gentle.but have to book few days b4 u go

:lol: ya…imperial level 4 kose not bad…im member of kose 3year already… u can go to try… :wink:

:lol: ya…imperial level 4 kose not bad…im member of kose 3year already… u can go to try… :wink:[/quote]

kose not bad but after wash my face red red due they pincit pincit my acne :frowning:

Man got face wash and picit picit also? Never see them do this…