Any recomend Tailor in Miri town?

Hi, im looking for tailor, any good recomendation in Miri town? Place and Name of the shop or residential house address would be appreciated.

can u specify the dress or attire? my mom is a tailor for malay, traditional dress. bj kurung, kebaya, etc…

ya you need to be a little bit specific on this. there are some tailor who are good in their own expertise like baju kurung, cheongsam, blouse, dress, pants and some are even good in combination 2 or 3 of those.

if you’re the type that doesnt concern on the workmanship, you can just drop by at any tailor centre at town or any home based tailor that you know personally. but if you’re the type that concern and care about workmanship, you have to either try all the tailor centre at town for comparison or rely on friends recommendation but this is subjective to your lifestyle. subject to lifestyle as all of us have different preferences.

like myself, i go to a home based tailor just to get my baju kurung done. simply bcoz this tailor is very good in beadings plus its cheaper than those tailor centres operating at town. a simple baju kurung cost me rm35 and with beadings at the neck and the edge of the baju kurung sleeves cost me additional rm30. total cost is only rm65 as compare to the ready made simple baju kurung (without beadings) at shopping malls that is on sale where price range is between rm80-rm150.

i’ve had my share of horror tailors even for a simple baju kurung … i’m very particular about the shoulder … I hate it when it creases … i’ve tried a few tailors and all don’t seem to up to my standards … i dunno why? wrong measurement? bad tailoring? I just don’t believe the things that can go wrong with a plain baju kurung …

oh, so sorry Veilsupra and Ladybird for didnt specific wht tailor i want. and thanks for the sahring here.

ok, i’m looking for a tailor to make Cheongsam, general sew, dress, skirts, some dancing costume as well. i dun mind whether is shop tailor or home tailor, i dunno where to find one in town or home. workmanship not so important to me, price must reasonable. The most important is HONEST, finish thier work in time as requested by client without delay up to months. that is why i try in Miricommunicty to get sources.

i have one regular tailor in town, but im not happy with the services maybe due to tooooo close to each other for sooo many years so the results is not what i want.

Geelyn, you shld change tailor now.

Yeah, plan to change tailor. Got a piece of kain sitting on my shelf now. Dunno which tailor to send to. So, any good recommendations, anyone?

im waiting for suggestion here too… any good recomendation from you all out there? thanks alot…

How about the tailor at Mega Hotel Shopping Mall 2nd floor? srry that i duno what is the shop’s name but i think there is only one tailor shop there… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

oh really, where is it? which floor sanra92? is it the fabric shop or other shop tht is only do sewing job?

2nd floor shop name is chung yi. assigned tailor of making company uniforms/coveralls for many company, 1 of them is Shell.

where is tailor swift?

you fell for that?!
hahaha =p

Applebee looking for tailor, reply according to her request. any recomendation out there?

hihi! i’m also urgently looking for a good & reliable tailor to make a lady’s blazer as formal wear.
same time i also wanto make some casual dresses for outings =P
please recommend only those who charge reasonably… i know some can go till hundreds =.="

home tailor acceptable?

sure… home tailor is acceptable, as long as the price is reasonable and quality is acceptable too =P

men’s shirt any recommended place in miri? me want to make some to fill the closet^^

got recomend for home tailor out there?

k-ray, too bad until now i havent got complete list of tailors i want so still waiting here to see anyone give me some idea. u just keep in touch here to get the latest news.

seems that young people nowadays prefer clothes displayed in shopping mall than spending time in tailor house…

it’s been quite a while… anyone any recommendation pls?~~

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