Any part-time job around pelita area?

Hi MC mem…

Do you guys have any info on part time job around pelita area?
Going to do part time at night from 6pm till …(depends)

Thanks ^^

ohhh at night ahhh ~~
Behind Alliance Bank got a lot of vacancy ehhh ~~

Just Kidding ~

Behind alliance bank? U try apply first k, prepare your cv perfectly o . Haha

Ohh that one ahh no need CV u just wear nicely fit something in to make it bigger heheeh make ur voice sexier…
Can attract people then can liao ~~

No la i dun want work there ~~ night time ahh try secret recipe

SR, okok…thanks for d info.

hello, my friend got part time job(can full time as well) sell fake brue-lay disc. Pay out base on amount of disc sold No need qualification but must be china girl.

pm for details.

i think Fratini got vacancy ahh when i went there i say the advertisement…

Fratini ard boulevard there?
ok, i will looking for it. 10s.