Any nice data plan to introduce?

Hey guys, currently I am planning to change my data plan. Is there any worthy data plan to intro? Budget within RM30 per month. My friend introduced me about the Celcom first gold plan, he said the new user has a lot of benefit. Is it true? Anyone is using it?

How come rm 30 for celcom first gold… as i know, celcom first gold is rm 80 and if u want to add the sublines, rm 30 per subline… so, in ur case, u have to signed up first gold rm 80 for master line…

My friend told me the coverage is not very strong in here. maybe need more improvement?

That RM 30 is sub-line. overall so so only. the benefit actually depends on who r the 1 using it. this 1+ 5 maybe more go to Family plan. for working adult i think may need to do more comparison.

disagree what you saying. for me i’m just switch to celcom and using this 1+ 5 plan, My sis is master line. i’m sub-line. it actually suit for both individual also group family. RM 80 and can enjoy 10 GB is really a big deal, worth to try it. even i’m using sub-line but i can enjoy unlimited whatsapp & wechat. why don .
The strong advance plan in 2016.

OMG!! so confusing, can you explain more about the plan? so the unlimited calls and sms is only within the main-line and subline?? :fearful:

5 sublines is very sufficient already. You need this unlimited call for bf/gf (if you have 1), best friends (maybe 1 or 2), and you still have space for families. But I don’t think we will always call or sms our family members la, except if you are working very far away from them. So this 1+5 plan is very nice actually for me.

why do you say so? Celcom’s coverage is one of the best I believe. Most of the time my friend can’t connect to their data but I can. Maybe is because of the area la, diff area might be suitable for diff telco, but overall I think Celcom still covered most area

This looks interesting, can you tell me more about it? How to add the sublines? How is the charge to call people who is not in the sublines?

Actually, the master line rm 80 that plan is for celcom first gold. u said u want to pay rm 30 per month, u have to subcribe a sub line… if u have family or friends who already use a first gold, u can ask them to be their sub line meyhh…

now I understood ady, I tried to search more information on the internet about this plan but still din get it… thanks a lot!

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