Any Miri Vios Old/New Model Nice Photo?

I got a old model vios, but juz lower and sportrims only… =.=
Some1 can put more vios nice photo here??

then can start to put in de damd bumber n skirts from rexx…then will look mre fierce… :wink: :wink: …plus now the shipping from rexx is mre cheaper to sarawak… :stuck_out_tongue:

:o u got any nice skirt intro for vios old model 1?

btw, now using '07 vios liaw after my '06 vios become wreck edy (love dat 1 very much de)…so far haven’t touch de car yet, still look very virgin…hahaha…

anyway here some sample from rexx;

look sure go :shock: :shock: :shock:

wow… nice photo ler…
mine also black colour… but not have any skirt… zzz :frowning:

my car

I like the head lamp eye lip :smiley:


there’s a number of nicely mooded VIOS on the road.

Red, Black, White and silver colored vios available.

My Original Car…

nice and clean.

My friend’s ride, just to share with you.


My Original Car…[/quote]

lol, yours is '06 model leh not the 1st model…><…anyway nice colour, black.very easy to makeup because you can even ask for a used set of bodykit and mostly in black colour. In bintulu got 1 vios from VECS and using a bodykit from rexx, but i forget already how much the courier charges.

ahhh, forget to mention that the last picture is from Kuching also a member of VECS which use bodykit from rexx.Now still waiting a new design from rexx for the '07 model.Can’t wait to see how the new model + bodykit looks like (Imagining vios '07 + DAMD bumber :lol: :lol: ).

There you go ren5557,

Hope to see your VIOS transformed soon.

haha… i also hope so… but need think 1st… u all put very nice vios photo…
thanks very much ohhh… hehe… :smiley: