Any information on how to get pregnant successfully?

Any luck? For those who are still interested, can try a Chinese physician called Sui Yuan located at waterfront. Good luck.

Can try on supplements also. I had heard of some positive feedback from my friends using GNC products…=D

Try (Baby Tabung Uji.)

my wife got pregnant n delivered recently after 8 years of marriage… in the 6th year of marriage turns out that she has cystic fibrosis or something like that(doc said THAT was the reason)… after laparosky surgery n a few months ‘pantang’ she got pregnant but she didn’t know n took antibiotics n langgar semua ‘pantang’ … miscarriage… after rest 3 months… got pregnant again n presto… we have a lovely baby girl…

i think might have to go for check up first.

Make sure physically capable of bearing the child, this might hurt a little. but hey, you get the answer faster right?

also eat healthy and do some exercise will help alot, eat too much junk food ain’t going help you on your health.

stay happy, i read about stress can cause people hard to get babies.

So eh, good luck.

Can have a try at SNE seabuckthorn product. It is one of the supplement + treatment. It proves that most of them conceived and deliver healthy baby.

I’m married almost 8 years,this year have a baby boy luckily…more important is healthy & happy always,dont pressure yourself…if can try arrange go to traveling or honeymoon to release your stress…cheers & good luck…