Any good fishing spots in Miri?

(DK Sparco) #21

PM me the final updated batch!
Thank you allokitty :mrgreen:

(allokitty) #22

I need to wait for my fishing friend responses to confirm if the several place that recomended to fish still ok or not so i can update the map.

(allokitty) #23

Oh, forgot about you guys. Here attached are info from one of those local fishing guys info map he passed to our fren.

(YouCarpediem) #24


(johan_kassim) #25

Hi can PM me too please Sir? Thank you very much.

(allokitty) #26

No need to PM because the above attachment is sufficient enough to show fishing location. :smiley:

(Ransu) #27

Anyone can be my mentor when it comes to fishing? Very interested but no one to teach/ mentor me. Shot me a PM. =)

(Bryan_L) #28

Hi guys, greetings…

I’m new in Miri… Looking for fishing friends to tag along for fishing outings and to learn the local tricks…

anybody up with a fishing outing soon? If it’s ok, would like to tag along!


(Sim) #29

Can pm me too? Newbie in fishing just look for fun haha

(jerry) #30

pm me to pliz…:smiley:

(winwin) #31

This should be a healthy and fun activity.
A reminder: please watch out for unwelcome company, Mr Crocodile, whilst fishing at rivers.

(tomturbo2002) #32

Hi, can you pm or email me fishing locations in miri please? My email is Thank you.

(Jason) #33

Hi, I have been back to Miri a week ago but I’m not familiar with fishing spots around Miri. Anyone mid sharing some tips, I will love to hear some suggestions. Email:


Bro can pm me the area? Hehehe. Not sure if his post still got

(allokitty) #35

Found mysterious ponds deep behind Miri.