Any Dnd Rp out there?

Well just wondering if there are any Dungeon and Dragon (DND) role player in Miri, and if there is, can i join in? I am addicted to this game and maybe we gather some Dnd player and have a few sessions together? Hope that we can start a Dnd community in Miri.

I play eels and escalators instead. =.="

I am a DM for over 3 years . been playing with couple of my friends . Designed some Dungeons and Cities already . got dices and the DnD books will be investing on the Version 4 books soon. so i’m still a 3.5 DM

i am more suitable for a Beginners DM because moslty ppl that i DM are Beginners anyway. Complicated/Experienced players takes more planing because they tend to walk around the storyline.

Sweet, there we have it one important character in game. DM…btw for those whos don know wut a DM is , DM = Dungeon Master. The master mind of the dungeon. he/she is the one responsible in planning a dungeon raid and hes the one that decide the route of the whole play while the players them self are the one that decide the outcome. DM wont be playing with you as ur comrade but more of the story teller and the judge. Nice one kycer, maybe we can set up a DND community in miri. It will be nice. Lets continue the DND’s 40 yrs lagacy

Hmm… why izzit so hard to find a DND community in miri…

aye ahah there is a community of DNDers in GCM btw there is a few EXped DM’s over there.

you sure.? know when are the gathering?

yes there is a DND club in GCM but i dont know their contacts . if you wanna know i’ll hop over the counter to ask when i am there.

sweet kycer.A.K.A Chee… F