Any dancing classes in Miri?

Hey there, just wondering is there any ‘good’ dancing classes in Miri, belly dancing, hip hop, cardio, ballroom dance etc…
nothing to do at night time and trying to keep fit too~


there is one dancing studio which located at boulevard commercial centre … above the CIMB … MISA LUVI… but it only teach cardio and hip hop dance … time table for cardio is 5.30-6.30 and 6.30-7.30 for weekday … hip hop is only fri nite 7.40 until 9.20 … :slight_smile:

come join me and my friends at TLD - The Love Dancer dance studio. it ROX! initially it was like full of women but nowdays many men attend too. Me and my friends go cos we’ve got nothing to do after work. It’s at yakin, err… near Thai bar area, on the 3rd floor.

Lyn… I suggest U PM applebee. She’s a dancer instructor.

applebee? who n how? hahaha, dance instructor but teach wat ler?? hehe