Any D&D players in Miri

Hi my name’s Mike and I am from the UK. I have been posted to Miri for a few years and I am looking to start a D&D 4e group here, I am a very experienced DM and player and would love to meet rpg players, board gamers and wargamers here. Have most of the books and figures just need some bodies to share fun with. So if you are intrested let me know.

welcome to Miri, Mike…

question about your Dungeons and Dragons question…
do you mean those board games where you use several dices of different dimensions to
calculate for hit rate and stuff?

p.s:- I played it a long time ago during my time in brunei, but most of the time, friends did all the calculation so I basically just rolled the dices only… ;p

Hi DMsia,
Yes you are right.
It a role playing game, so no “board”, just lots of dice, pens and paper and some D&D mini figures. $e is the latest version of Dungeons and Dragons, its been heavily simplifyed ans streamlined. Although I do have borad games coming from the UK. I am willing to to each anyone how to play; it’s quite simple with a bit of imagination and humour.

There is a VERY small community of D&D DM and Players in Miri … i used to join them for some RP’s in GCM Club … I used to DM for D&D 3rd eddition … have all the books … dices and stuff .

i may be able to tempt a friend to join because frankly I may not have the time and stuff…

so if you guys gonna organise a get together for a game, post up
here and I’ll let my friend know about it… he is more interested in games like these and he have more time than me…

Sure let him know. I would like to get a small group of 4-5 male or female players and play once every week or two weeks. So if there is anyone who like to try then let me know. It won’t be for a few weeks as I am settling in to my new house. Is there anywhere in Miri to buy comics, games, rpg material, dice etc… or do I have to fly to KL.

books… plenty at popular bookstore at parkson…

comis… err… honestly I dun see much of those around, but could be just me.
Games… which type? PC, PS3, Xbox, Board games?
rpg material and dice… very hard to find in miri, I’ll go online to buy if I were you…

but others may have more info on this, so wait and see… ;p

Hey guys i wanted to know if there’s still a dnd community in miri. I have a few friends and me eager to join the community and we are relatively new players

I play DnD with a relatively large group, but it’s just my friends.

If you have 3-4 friends you can just play on your own, this kinda game doesn’t really need a community.

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