Any best online translator?

I found that when others use some online translators (most usually Google) to translate their non-English news article, it always ended up pretty crappy. I too, have been trying to search for a good translator, don’t really expect a perfect, flawless one, but at least, the translated text should be understandable. I don’t really get to try out one by one, but here are the world’s so-called best free translator. Perhaps someone might try them and check which has best result, so in future we can all use it?

1. Applied Language

2. Yahoo! Babelfish

3. Babylon

4. SDL Freetranslation

5. Frengly

6. Google Translation

7. SYSTRAN Translation

8. WorldLingo … lator.html

9. Microsoft Bing Translator

There is not such thing as perfect online translator. If you still insist a perfect translation, then hire a human being to do the job. Anywhere online translator is done by computer which i believe translate from word to word and doesn’t make sense when come to translate a sentence.